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Some corporate clients where Sorkshop / Seminar conducted

Reliance Energy
Utility Power tech & etc.
Anjani Technoplast
Prakash Institute (PIPRAMS)
Prakash Hospital
Indian Medical Association

Scientific & Educational Programs

Seminar and Workshop on Renewable energy resources and Development of technology
Locomotor Disability & Management
Seminar on Biotechnology and contemporary Technology

Medical / Legal Topics

1. Yoga and Stress management
2. Medical Seminars and Camps on Various Awareness programmes on cancer, ortho problems etc. Screening and preventive cardiology, oncology, nephrology, Orthopaedics, Neuro sciences etc.
3. National Seminar on Bone diseases and workshop on Polio and Corrective surgeries
4. Seminar on Biotechnology/ Renewable energy
5. Spondylitis - related problems prevention and control and lower back aches
6. Obesity management / pain management
7. Arthritis , Joint pains etc
8. Child psychology
9. RTI
10. Legal Jurisprudence
11. Arbitration

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